Wedding Photography Like No Other at San Francisco City Hall

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Most anyone who has had their own wedding or attended a ceremony at San Francisco City Hall will admit that it is one of the most beautiful places to get married. If this is the location you are considering for your wedding, take time before you book the date to contact a San Francisco wedding photographer and see that they are available. It is important to capture the most meaningful images of the special day. Many people choose to spend most of their wedding budget on a dress or elaborate catering and flowers, but the photos should rank higher on the list since they will be viewed time and time again. Family and friends that didn’t get to attend the ceremony will enjoy seeing the photos, however the future generations will get the most pleasure out of looking at them.

4 Packages

Ceremony Package: This is for the couple that would like to keep things simple while still having a beautiful ceremony and photos. This includes the actual ceremony where photos of the couple and wedding party will be captured. High resolution files from the wedding ceremony and five formal files will be available for download.


One Hour Package: This will also allow for pre and post ceremony candid photos to be captured around the facility both inside and out in addition to the ceremony photos.

Two Hours Package: This is for those who truly want to take advantage of the stunning architecture at the San Francisco City Hall and can spend additional time there or even another location within this longer time allowance.

Four Hours Package: Allows for more flexibility, whether it be photos of the bridal party leading up to the ceremony getting prepared or at a beach or even the reception. Again, all packages include files that will be available for download.

Styles to Consider for San Francisco City Hall wedding photography

Traditional Style: This is what most are accustomed to, where the photographer has a set list of shots that are to be captured of the couple and wedding party. Many times, this is time consuming and takes the bride and groom away from their guests for a longer period.

Documentary Style: Becoming more popular and being used by many of the top wedding photographers today, this allows for unique images based on the instinct of the photographer. Some may worry that certain shots will be missed but in the end, this style allows the couple to tell their own story.

Editorial Style: This is a little more planned by taking advantage or certain settings and lighting while still allowing the wedding party to be themselves. The result is a more relaxed and plays off the photographer’s artistic ability. This style is very popular for engagement photos.

No matter what plan or style decided on when choosing San Francisco wedding photography, be assured that the end result will be treasured for many years to come. Visit San Francisco wedding photographer  for more details and pricing.

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